de Argentina

Bentónicos de Argentina S.A. is the leading fishing company specializing in southern king crab (lithodes santolla) in Argentina. We offer crustacean products of excellent quality.

Fresh products

Our products are processed directly onboard of the fishing vessel.

Market leader

Bentónicos de Argentina produces 40% of the overall national output of centolla.

Excellent quality

We offer crab products of exceptional quality.

Bentónicos de Argentina S.A.

Bentónicos de Argentina holds fishing permits to work in the zone of San Jorge Gulf, those permits are provincial and were issued by the authorities of Santa Cruz and Chubut provinces. Our vessels also have fishing permits for national waters, issued by national fishing authorities.

Advanced technologies

We use the most advanced technologies currently available on the market in both the fishing process and the product preparation.


Multinational team

Our team is made of professionals who are able to communicate effectively with our clients, partners and providers all around the globe.

Experts in crab

Our team is highly qualified in the subjects of fishing, product processing, permits, licensing, import/export, etc.

Our Products

We currently offer 3 types of crab products (lithodes santolla):

Cooked Southern Red Crab Clusters

Raw Southern Red Crab Clusters

Abdomen of Southern Red Crab

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Bentonicos de Argentina S.A.

Manuela Sáenz 323, Buenos Aires, Argentina