About Us

Since 2009 we have worked to offer our clients high-quality crab products, conducting responsible fishing of centolla in the Argentine Sea.

Our company

Bentónicos de Argentina was founded in 2009, and incorporated its first fishing vessel, Tango I, in January 2010. Towards the middle of 2011, a second vessel, Tango II, was added to the company’s operations.

Bentónicos holds fishing permits for the San Jorge Gulf, these permits were issued by the authorities of the provinces of Santa Cruz and Chubut. Both vessels also have permits to fish in the national waters, these permits were issued by the National Fishing authorities.

The fishing process during each flow has an average duration of 25 days, during which centolla is processed onboard of the vessels. The processing is carried out in compliance with all the health and quality standards necessary to satisfy the needs of the international markets. Parts of centolla, frozen and boiled, ready-to-serve, are exported in 13.61 kg boxes.

  • 669,2 tons of centolla were exported in 2017
  • Fishing season: December-May
  • Main export markets: United States & China
  • Unloading ports: Puerto Madryn, Comodoro Rivadavia, Puerto Deseado

Vitalii Bakulin

President of Bentónicos de Argentina

On behalf of Bentónicos de Argentina, I welcome you to our website, where you will be able to find information about our company and its activities.

Since 2009, we have worked to offer high-quality crab products to our clients, conducting responsible fishing of centolla in the Argentine Sea. During these years, thanks to our dedicated team of professionals, we were able to gain vast experience in the field, reach significant growth rates and become one of the leaders of the national market.

Our goal is to continue growing and improving: we want to be a reliable partner for our clients and providers, and, at the same time, a company where all the employees feel truly valued and integrated.