One of the most important projects of BENTONICOS DE ARGENTINA in 2019 is export of live southern king crab. Other companies engaged in southern king crab fishing in Argentine market accompany this initiative. The main benefits are the possibility to open new markets, jobs generation, elaboration of new product and international presence of Argentine fishing sector.

This year on April 1 a meeting with presence of Guillermo Dietrich (Minister of Transport), Juan Manuel Bosch (Director of Fisheries), Guillermo Vitullo (Advisor to the Fisheries Director), Sebastián Estarli and Guadalupe Rossi (Regulatory Body of the National Airport System- ORSNA-), Lucila Capelli (Ministry of Transport); and the representatives of Bentonicos de Argentina SA, Vitalii Bakulin (President of the company) and Maria del Rosario Mendoza (in charge of the area of foreign trade in the company) was held in the office of Ministry of Economy. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the necessary terms within the logistic chain, to make the export process of live southern king crab possible.

The main objective of the meeting for the fishing companies was to solicit the rent of a storage tank in Ezeiza for the preparation of the product load. This would make it easier to carry out the customs and sanitary verification of the product within the air terminal and to provide adequate packing for aerial transportation.

This Project is related to the purchase of the Fish Processing Plant by Bentonicos de Argentina SA in February 2019. As one of the fundamental phases of the commercialization of live southern king crab is the acclimatization within the plant to assure better endurance of the product during transportation.