Last Friday, May 17, 2019, company staff attended a meeting at the premises of the Ezeiza airport in order to join the efforts and implement the project of exporting live Southern King Crab by air transport.

The meeting was attended by the authorities of TCA (Cargo Terminal of Argentina) Alexander Boot and Federico Laborde, Roberto López representing the Argentine Customs, Sebastian Estarli member of the ORSNA (Regulatory Body of the National Airport System), members of SENASA (National Service of Health and agri-food quality), Regional Director Ignacio Silveyra and Luis Calascibetta, Sebastian Delfino representing the VUCE (Foreign Trade Single Window), Antonio Lopez and Ana Lucia Goñi of the Ministry of Production, and Luis Goya and Guillermo Vitullo representing the Section of Agroindustry.

The attendees agreed on the importance of adding value to the product manufactured in Argentine territory, now that the entry of the live Southern King Crab from Argentina to the foreign restaurants represents a great attraction for the Argentine industry.

Vitalii Bakulin (President – Bentonicos de Argentina) and Andrey Kotov (President – Crustaceos del Sur) expressed to the TCA authorities the need of having a physical space inside the Ezeiza airport, in order to receive land shipments of live crab from the south in customized containers and have it acclimatized long enough to export it afterwards. The speed and minimum labour manipulation is essential while trading live animals, therefore it was agreed to examine, after finishing the renovation works in TCA, the availability of a roofed space near the verification and operative point in order to put on board the product that has already been packed.

The meeting ended with expressed intention to coordinate all investments and adjust details, necessary to start the business, in the next season 2019-2020.